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Transcend - 4 weeks

Do you feel that most of the time you're just going through the motions? Do you feel that some days you're swimming against the tide of life? Maybe it's time for something fresh in your life?  


I know the feeling and it does not have to be that way.


Sometimes, all we need is a fresh start, a daily ritual and guidance to move us in a positive direction to regain our momentum and confidence back.


This 4 week experience will help you create more energy, clarity and vitality so you can enjoy life fully, move better and feel more aligned.

Transcend - 4 Weeks with Greg to help you thrive in your personal daily life and give you more energy, better health, a better quality of life and more chances of success in your studies, business or career.


Transcend - 4 Weeks begins with a phone call to discuss your objectives and the protocol best suited to your current needs.

It includes:

a PDF that I explain each week as we progress and grow together.

This protocol enables you to understand your body's many signs and signals so that you can become more intuitive & self-confident



  • Intermittent Fasting, holistic health & lifestyle guide

I'll guide you through the different methods for setting up intermmittent fasting.

How would you like to:

  • Lose body fat?

  • Speed up your metabolism?

  • Lower your blood sugar levels?

  • Naturally increase Growth Hormone production (GH- the "youth" hormone)?

  • Intuitive Nutrition, holistic guide

Happy, Healthy & Strong! The tools in this guide are designed to inform and empower you to make better eating decisions and improve your relationship with food. This Guide is focused on tuning you into you bodies many signs and signals.

  • Primal protocol

Primal Protocol is designed to teach you the scientifically proven methods that give you the greatest results in the least time.

Help you: 

  • Flourish in your personal and professional life 

  • Give you more energy & vitality,

  • Better understanding of what works for your body type,

  • Longevity - a better quality of life




1 phone or video call a week :

I'll guide you through 4 weeks. There's interaction and feedback to keep you engaged, on track and accountable during the 4 weeks.

2 sessions a week  

Which are tailored to your needs on mobility and basic movements to integrate into your daily routine to improve flexibility, mobility and strength.

Together with breathing and skills to improve brain function, intelligence and also to bring the body into a parasympathetic state (rest, digestion and rejuvenation).  We are generally in a sympathetic state (fight-or-flight stress state) due to our modern daily lives.


24/7 Those taking part in the journey will have access to me via the Telegram app, where they will receive mindset, motivation and inspiration to help them focus better and gain a better perspective on their goals and their lives.


Join me for a 4-week experience where I'll guide you to more consistent energy, clarity of mind and physical strength through nutrition, movement, mindset, healthy lifestyle habits and functional breathing.


Holistic Protocol

Once we go through your present schedule, work, studies etc. I'll create a program for your week and i'll be there encouraging you through the journey.

2 Sessions a Week

60 mintues classes that are tailored to you and your goals.

24/7 Support

You'll receive my peronal number, if you ever need to ask a question, express, vent, anything at all, i'll only be a message away

1 Phone or Video Calls a Week

During the week we'll connect twice on a call, touching base on all that we've experienced and to go through anything you would like to.

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