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Les feuilles tropicales

One / One 
is a private & personalized online session

These sessions are designed for people beginning their journey or people who are looking to develop and take their knowledge and experience to the next level in the different areas listed below.


These one-to-one sessions are designed to improve your health, strengthen the body and mind connection through different movement modalities and longevity tools. 

Together we will create and get a clear understanding of your intention and then we will move towards your tailor-made course.

One off session - 60 min 

1 session/week -

for 4 weeks 


Learn how to use time efficient training methods to build strength and mobility simultaneously. Challenge yourself with becoming comfortable in uncomfortable positions for rapid results, increase resilience and durability. With mobility you will maintain healthy joints and spine by incorporating body weight ground to standing positions, joint mobility drills, ground based and animal locomotion movements along with building unconventional and conventional strength.


Progress your kettle bell basics and build a flow with me. Time efficient, minimalist, unconventional training methods using only a kettle bell and body weight will improve your athletic capabilities, body intelligence, longevity, have you looking strong and lean. Kettlebell work can be done any where any time and there are unlimited multi dimentional combinations. Become the ultimate warrior by building stability, mobility, strength, coordination, power, conditioning and body awareness.


Functional breathing methods help you to become more resilient, reduce breathlessness and improve sports or tactical performance.

Functional nasal breathing is comprised of breathing techniques to scientifically enhance performance for athletesfirst responders, military personnelcorporate/clinical professionals and any high-stress / high performance occupation.

Anyone suffering from anxiety, panic disorderdepression and insomnia can also benefit from increased energy & focus, improved resilience and reaching their full potential and happiness.

Nutrition - Lifestyle

There is no one diet and lifestyle for everyone we are all unique. What might work for you now may change overtime depending on where you are on your health journey. To find what works best for you and your body type we will have go through a process of questionaires, tests and exercises so we can create and implement your unique nutrition and lifsetyle plan. You will learn how to read your bodies many signs and signals connecting back to your intuitive feelings.

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